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Many women have chronicled their natural hair journey, from the day of their transition from relaxer to natural afro, or choosing the balsy BIG CHOP! It’s been part of the natural tradition to trial different products for our hair, to see which product recipe will work best for the look we are achieving. Most of us measure our growth, study our curl pattern, and develop hair styles which will compliment our style aesthetic. In honor of this tradition, I have created a line of jewels that I have wanted to create for some time now, locaversary loc jewels. The motivation for this is two-fold. It can be purchased to celebrate your locaversary, or your actual birthday. Here is the breakdown of color and month:

January- Garnet

February- Amethyst

March- Aquamarine

April- Diamond

May- Emerald


July- Ruby

August- Peridot

September- Sapphire

October- Opal/Tourmaline

November- Citrine

December- Topaz


Visit the Locaversary Collection to select a jewel that marks the beginning of your loc journey! Wearing it on one of your locs, is sure to become a conversational piece!





I'm currently working on two collections at the same time!  I certainly wasn't planning on creating them simultaneously, but one collection arose organically through a photoshoot that I happened to send larger loc jewelry to fit the model who had larger locs.  My cousin has beautiful, larger locs and since there were so many like her who had them, I thought it necessary to create a collection solely for them.  Thus, the Zenith Collection was born.  However, previous to that, I was already working on perfecting the loc jewelry for the Locaversary Collection.  This has been a challenge because it took awhile to create the jewel that would be "just right" and fit a mass amount of loc-wearers.  I needed the colors and stones to be easily accessible due to the influx of demand it may present.  I hate for people to have to wait too long for their jewelry and so I wanted to create something with stones that were relatively easy to find, yet still exuding my classy aesthetic.  All in all, I think I'm winding it up with some good options, perhaps two, one more expensive than the other, as well as two different styling options:  the dangle, and the wrap-around.  So, stay tuned for some intriguing loc jewelry ahead!