$ 29.99

The ICICLE MOONSTONE HORN Sisterlock Jewel is a stunning accent in the sisterlock jewel collection.  Sisterlock jewels in this collection now have their own custom cuff to fit their locs!  However you may still choose to wire-wrap.  This jewel is made of the round dreamy, moonstone gemstone. It has on each end hematite surrounding the central stone.  Dangling from the bottom is the moonstone horn pendant with electroplated silver.  This piece is part of the 2018-19 Winter Color Me Beautiful Collection.  Also available in traditional from drop-down menu! (However only the cuff or wire-wrap portion will be upsized).

*NOTE* There is only one size cuff for SL. (Fits Sisterlock size/2.75-3.5mm locs) If unsure, please choose wire-wrap option. PLEASE CHECK THE CORRECT STYLE FROM DROP-DOWN.  Purchase Loc Jewel Applicator for $1 to ease in application.



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