QUEENE Black Agate Sisterlock Jewel

$ 19.99

The QUEENE Black Agate Sisterlock Jewel is a traditional loc jewel style to add to the sisterlock family.  It was created with black agate to adorn the loc with subtlety and dangle from locs in an updo or simply worn down the locs.  A sparkling Swarovski crystal with rhinestone rondelle adds a classy look fit for a queen! Sisterlock jewels in this collection now have their own custom cuff to fit their locs!  However you may still choose to wire-wrap.  This jewel is part of the 2018 Noir Beautiful Collection.

*NOTE* There is only one size cuff. (Fits Sisterlock size/3-4mm locs) If unsure, please choose wire-wrap option. 



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