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The COMP TIES TRIPLE GEM HAIRTIE, AKA  COMPLIMENTARY HAIRTIES, are the supporting actor in the movie world of gemstone hairities.  This is an original design by Tiffany, formulated to adorn locs from whichever angle the triple gem design is facing.  It was created to be one of the elastic ties one would donn before they donn their main hairtie, which would be the Ready-To-Wear, Figure-8,  or Loc Lasso.  It provides extra room for tucking those stray locs under the fold, or pulling up hair from an afro, or loose curls into a puff.  This adds to the breathtaking loc style for any and all updo’s of all “thick hair”types. It is ideal for other styles such as:  updo’s, loc buns on  loose natural puff’s, thick, free-form locs, side swoops/side-swiped styles, pineapple buns, curly hair styles and more!

It’s made with the same gemstones, and of the same quality as the other gemstones used.  Made to be easily matched, “complimenting” the lead actor in the show!  This is also an excellent option for clients looking for a simple pattern, and desiring a simple, day-to-day hairtie.  

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