PEARLOPAL Opalite & Pearl DreadLoc Jewel

$ 22.99

The PEARLOPAL Opalite & Pearl Loc Jewel is a stunning mix of iridescent pearls and gems. This jewel is glowing and made with a Milky opaline gemstone matched with a traditional creme colored freshwater pearl to adorn your locs.  Accented with light blue-grey Chinese crystal as end cap beads for an added touch.  This jewel doubles as a bridal Loc jewel due to its reflective quality! Great for wearing your locs down or in an updo!  All gemstones are different due to its raw nature, which means each loc jewel will be unique in its own right and may not look exactly like the photo.  All wire in the Pearlizm Collection is thin due to the small hole in the pearl. See the other jewels in the PEARLIZM Collection.



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