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RUSTIC PEARL Copper Freshwater Pearl Loc Jewel

$ 19.99

Size Guide

The RUSTIC PEARL Copper Freshwater Pearl Loc Jewel is a classy look with an iridescent copper-colored freshwater pearl to accent your locs! 24k gold hematite stones as end caps for its beauty!  Cuff only at this time.  More pieces like this to come.  Match with other jewels in this collection.

This jewel adds that bit of subtlety and class your locs deserve!  This jewel is part of the 2021 Rustic Romance Collection.

*NOTE* There may be a Sisterlock variation in Peerless collection and large loc collection called the Zenith Collection for the larger loc jewels.

 *NOTE* There is only one size cuff. Size of pearl may vary depending upon supply.



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