$ 17.99

This loc jewel is the title piece of the collection! Rightly named, Satellite Metallic Loc Jewel has faceted hematite circling around the metal, like a satellite. The wire wrapping is unique to each piece with a purposeful, imperfect wire wrapping technique, so when worn it is sure to turn heads! See this jewel in various colors and choose your size accordingly. 

Note: Due to the nature of this material, these jewels are not to be worn in water or oil with the exception of the gold, silver, and copper loc  jewels. 

Size: Choose your size accordingly. If no size is selected, it is defaulted to traditional size (size 6mm). Please refer to LOC SIZE CHART for details. 

Sisterlock - 2-4 mm

Microlock - 4-6 mm

Traditional - 6 mm

Large - 7-9 mm

Extra Large - 10-14 mm 

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