$ 24.95

Tiffany's Loc Jewels natural hair spray is great to use in your daily maintenance routine. It can also be used in barber shops to assist with styling men's hair and send them off with their spray.  Great for braids, locs, twists, Afro's, men's styles, all textures of hair to freshen up your mane before, during and after a long active day! Infused with jojoba oil and a blend of essential oil fragrances you are sure to be confident as people get close to you, and as you desire to refresh for yourself. This spray is very light and watery with distilled water and potent oils. Comes in a variety of scents such as Pine, Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Cedarwood, Rosemary-Peppermint, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange-Cinnamon Leaf, Jasmine, Frankincense, Myrrh, Ylang Ylang and many more! Send a note in your order or email stating which 3 scents you would like!

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