VICTORY Dalmation Jasper Sisterlock Loc Jewel

$ 8.99

The VICTORY Dalmation Jasper Sisterlock Loc Jewel is made specifically for Sisterlocks measuring 2.75 to 3 mm.  This jewel is made with a black spotted creme gemstone matched with black Chinese crystal end cap beads to adorn your locs.  Great for wearing your locs down or in an updo!  All gemstones are different due to its raw nature, which means each loc jewel will be unique in its own right and may not look exactly like the photo.  For this stone, one may purchase the jewel alone, or the matching bracelet! See the other jewels in the ROCK IT Collection.

 See Azpearls Dalmation Jasper Loc Jewel to match!

sister loc, sisterlock

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