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Well you will soon pick your jaw up off the floor when you read the reasons why I no longer wear deodorant and what my new method is for staying fresh......

I no longer wear deodorant because I discovered that it darkens your skin tone in an unflattering way, and creates a dark circle under your arm.  This dark circle is left, even after you shave, epilate, wax, or whatever way you handle your hair removal.  I was becoming more and more ashamed to lift my arms in public or in pictures because I didn't want anyone to see the dark circle, or residual deodorant. Uck!

For a long while, I had created my own organic, all natural deodorant with baking soda, and I even wanted to sell it!  But because it was making me itch, I could no longer wear it, nor sell it, even when I tweaked the formula a bit.  So I ended up just using my good ole Ambi fade cream, which I had used in the past to remove discolorations, and I use on my face everyday as my go-to moisturizer.  After applying a generous portion of this under both arms, I then applied Hollywood Beauty's Tea Tree Oil, which added moisture and tea tree is good for fighting dry skin.   I actually use this as a moisturizer after I wash my locs.  After using this method for several months, my dark circles have gone away, I have no itching, and no more shame in lifting my arms.

Now, using this method means that you will sweat during the day, but sweating is good. After sweating, and letting my body do what its supposed to do, my skin has cleared up even in my face.  I've never had acne but my skin looks better overall as well.  And the most important thing:  I don't have any odor!  Even when it's time for me to take a shower, I still do not smell anything worth washing, so-to-speak.  In the shower, I will also use the bar Black Soap made in Nigeria called, Tropical Dudu-Osun Black SoapThis has shea butter, lemon juice, natural herbs, native honey and citrus juices, and can be purchased at the beauty supply store.  The other products mentioned you can purchase at Wal-mart.  This can be pretty strong, so you may not be able to use it everyday.  So here is one of my beauty secrets, ladies and gentlemen, let me know what works for you!





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