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I decided to venture back into the land of blondom after being brown, red and natural black for many years and was finally ready for a change.  I had previously been blonde when wearing an afro during my time as a naturally curly gal.  I had always done my hair myself, and only went to the salon for two-strand twist styles on occasion.  I had had a few bad experiences with colorists turning my hair orange, and then going from blond back to natural black (my hair turned out green and other shades, mind you, when it was not fashionable to do so) years later as a loc-wearer. 

So what convinced me to going back to a professional? Well, I was looking for more products to lift my color two more levels up, and an Ulta stylist shared that if I planned to go to a lighter shade that it was imperative I look for a salon that uses Olaplex, which prevents further color damage to my hair.  She proceeded to tell me of all the horror stories her clients had had coming to her after they had somehow fried their hair, and although I had the confidence that I could once again color my hair blonde, I somehow took this as a warning that I should heed this time.  Plus, I had heard so many great things about this "Olaplex", that I was curious to try it for myself and see if was all that it cracked up to be. I searched on Instagram #olaplex, #dallas, to find a salon that might suit me.  I stumbled upon Pepperbox Design in Plano, Texas with colorist, Sara Reed. She stated that she had worked on locs before, and even wore locs herself years ago!

Well, for sure, they were right!  Olaplex does hold up to its high standard.  It prevents the bonds that would break in your hair during the coloring process, not to break.  (See photo explaining this below).  However, before going to the salon, I must first tell you of the products I was asked to get prior to coming in for the service. 

I was asked to get a protein leave-in conditioner, and a moisturizing conditioner, and see if I could do a couple of treatments before going in.  I was able to do one or two applications, actually using both products as a leave-in, even though the moisturizer you were to wash out.  I figured, what the heck, why not this time, it will wash out in a few days anyways. I bought Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Protein Leave-in and Joico Moisture Recovery.  Both left my hair soft and prepared for the service. From start to finish I was pleased with how my hair turned out.  I was to return for a follow-up session to remove more of those pesky, lingering red tones and actually lay some color.

Going blonde is a process, and is not easily achieved overnight.  If you choose to make this decision, be sure to arm yourself with all of the latest information as to how to make this a smooth, healthy transition.  Stay tuned to learn of all the products I sampled, and which products I loved even before going blonde.




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