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4 Tips to Combat Winter Dryness


We all have to battle the cool air, the whipping wind, and some of us, the frigid temperatures during winter. And yes, though we may have a hat to keep us warm, there is still a little more we can do for our locs.

  1. Be A Little Rough Around the Edges- allow your edges to breathe a bit by refraining from using edge control for a while. There’s something to be said for a little free-forming action which benefits us greatly, not only in the winter, but all times of the year. Because our edges can be a bit sensitive, its best to leave them alone for a while and simply baby them by using some Jamaican black castor oil on them, or some of the lighter oils, such as jojoba, around our edges. Sleep on a silk or satin pillow case if you cannot wear a head bonnet. Let them rough up a bit to allow for some thickness, which in turn yields strength.
  2. Oil & Water- keep a spritz bottle near you filled with some sort of leave-in conditioner. If my Natural Hair Mists are not your item of choice, that’s fine, simply use your favorite product each morning and evening to keep your locs moisturized. Nothing replaces good old fashioned water!  Without adding too much oil, make sure to hand-rub oil through your locs to provide pliability and moisture. However don’t overdo it on the oil, or too many products for that matter, since it is not good and will cause excessive build-up.
  3. Less frequent washes- perhaps go an extra week before washing again to allow your own natural oils, sebum, to form on your scalp and cover your root area. This is also a good thing to implement during the dry months.
  4. Deep conditioning- it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a deep conditioning treatment with your favorite conditioner. Place a plastic cap or towel over your head and sit under a heat cap or dryer, or simply allow conditioner to sit on your locs for a few minutes. For locs, we need to use oil, or dilute the conditioners we love with water, and not apply thick, creamy products into our locs. After you’ve conditioned, do a thorough rinse to ensure you get most all the product out.

To summarize, less is more on the styling tip, with a little extra TLC during the winter months. One last tip, drink extra water as our bodies need the hydration. Intaking more water feeds our locs from the inside out!



Geisala Gordon

Geisala Gordon said:

Great info. Thank you for sharing! I’ll start implementing these, beginning tonight.


Tiffany said:

Hi Aisha, I would recommend asking your loctician whether you should wear a stock cap or not, but what I can tell you (I am in the medical field as well), that you can benefit from essential oils sprays which can aide in combatting the eczema such as Lavender (Bliss, Serenity), Tea Tree (all sprays), Frankincense(Sanctuary), Geranium(Bloom) and Cedarwood (Peace, Pursuit). I’ve listed a few of mine which carry those particular Essential Oils in them. Coconut oil and avocado oil as well as Vitamin E are also a benefit. When washing, you should massage gently with warm water, and not hot water. Try to clean your scalp without stripping the natural oils from it. I hope this helps! Your best bet is to ask a dermatologist.


Aisha said:

Any suggestions for eczema of the scalp? Should you wash with a stock cap or not? I’m a newbie when it comes to locs.


Bella said:

Awesome advice!


tiffany said:

Your welcome! Thanks!


Kaycee said:

Wonderful tips!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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