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As a loc jewelry designer, there are customers who purchase loc jewelry due to loving certain styles prior to examining the proper size for their specific loc. It is important to me that I educate my customers on how to choose the right loc jewel for their locs. And due to the diversity in loc sizes, this has forced me to create a variety of loc jewelry for all sizes so that all people with locs can wear my loc jewelry and be satisfied. However, before purchasing your loc jewelry, the first question to ask is:

Am I ready to wear loc jewelry?

I would advise that if you have just started your loc journey, that you refrain from wearing loc jewelry for the first six months or so, or until your loc has formed. If you’d like to purchase a few to save for later in your journey, you may do so, just in case the style you liked was discontinued by the time you’d like to wear it. Refraining at this time, is a good idea because while the hair fibers are still forming to create the loc, you would want nothing to interfere with that progress. Another time to refrain or remove your loc jewelry is prior to any color application. It would not be good for any colors or residual chemicals from the color treatment to mix in with any of the beads or wire. Now that being said, onto the sizing process!

Choosing the Correct Size



Now, locs are a funny thing. They tend to contract and expand depending upon your loc stage, or the maturing process of a particular loc. If you have Traditional locs, this is the easiest loc to adorn, because one can wear either the average size cuff or wire-wrapped jewel. Traditional locs fall into the category of size 4-6 millimeter in size. Please refer to my Loc Sizing Chart as a reference. These are commonly referred to as “pencil-size” locs. If you happen to have smaller locs or Sisterlocks, they can be just under this size, such as a size 3mm, and would benefit mainly from wire-wrapped jewels, rather than cuffs. However, Sisterlock size can range from .5mm string-like size to 2mm to 4mm depending upon how it was installed. It would be best to use lighter or thinner wire, smaller beads, and those jewels from my Peerless Collection which were specifically made for Sisterlocks. You may specify the size, or send a photo of your locs for an even better way to be accurate. Unfortunately, not all loc jewels can be converted to Sisterlock size, however modifications can be made at times for loc jewels which lend themselves to this option.

If You Have Large Locs


Large locs can range from 7mm to jumbo (magic marker size), and even 9mm size locs. These locs are becoming increasingly popular at this time, as people are combining their locs, starting second and third sets of locs and starting their loc journey with bigger parts to ensure their locs will come out thicker. This sets a demand for larger loc jewels which will hold a special aesthetic all on their own, because these locs can sustain larger stones and thicker wire. Check out the Zenith Collection for larger loc jewels. Most traditional loc jewels can be converted to larger jewels.

How To Apply Loc Jewels

Some loc jewels are wire-wrapped, and this is the easiest to apply to your locs. You may slide the jewel up your loc and squeeze both sides to ensure it stays put. Or you can pull the wire apart and squeeze to facilitate a more snug application. As far as the cuffs, make sure you choose a loc that is thick enough to hold the loc jewel on your loc. This is demonstrated in my loc jewelry tutorial. You will know you applied it correctly when it does not slide off your loc. If it is placed on a loc too small, it will slide off. In loc jewelry application, one should never have to secure it by using your locs to “tie a knot”, or sewing it in or on your locs, or harming your locs for any particular reason. If you find yourself doing this, you have chosen the wrong loc jewel for your locs OR placed the loc jewel on the wrong loc. There is sufficient amount of styles of loc jewels around for you to be able to find a beautiful loc jewel(s) which will fit you! It always saddens me to hear these stories before people buy my loc jewelry, this is why I have the motto “loc jewelry for any size loc”.

In Summary

Loc jewelry is a great deal of fun to “beautify your locs” and begin a collection of jewels to match specific outfits you may be wearing. It could slowly begin to be a part of your jewelry selection when you choose your necklace, earring or bracelets for that day. Be wise in choosing the style of jewel and choosing the right loc for that particular loc jewel. Watch for the weight of the stones and size and place it on a strong, healthy loc. Switch them out on a monthly basis to different locs, and remove before tightenings and color treatments. Remember that some loc jewels are for special occasions, and others are for everyday use and you can leave them on for months at a time. Please refer to my tutorial on how to apply my loc jewelry to assist you in this process.

Tiffany’s Guide to Loc Jewelry Collections:

Traditional Locs – mostly all jewelry collections

Sisterlocks- Peerless Collection, and some other jewels have a drop-down to select sisterlock size. As new collections emerge, the sisterlock jewels created in these collections are filtered to the Peerless collection so that it is all in one place.

Large Locs – Zenith Collection, and some other jewels with a drop-down to select larger loc size. As new collections emerge, the larger loc jewels created in these collections are filtered to the Zenith collection so that it is all in one place.

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