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It’s been quite awhile since gemstone bracelets were introduced into the fold.  Finally they are back and they have a more simplistic feel to them this time.  They are made to stack with other bracelets since the beads are smaller than the previous collection of bracelets.  One standout piece is for men, (which will have 2 size options) which is called Unlimited.  If you'd like it modified for a woman's wrist, purchase and then place a note in the comment section.  All bracelets at this time, are featured in the Gravity in Motion Winter Collection 2019-2020.

These bracelets are a nice addition which seek to draw out the small details in the gemstone hairties as well as some loc jewels.  Look for a few loc jewels to pop up in the near future matching these bracelets as well, along with other bracelets.  

In 2020, TLJ's will expand to necklaces and earrings again.  These will all be featured in the That Critical Piece Collection.  All bracelets can be found there, along with the current collection in which they were originated.  Check out the cool video (to be listed soon) which features the striking jewelry.


Stay tuned for more gems!


November 29, 2019 — Tiffany Parr

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