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It is with a heavy heart, that I created the Black Lives Matter Loc Jewel as part of the Jewels For A Cause Collection in 2014.  Once again, in light of recent events and pointless murders of young black men and women, this piece has been revived.  In response to the systemic racism prevalent in our community, and in our effort to strive towards social justice, the Black Lives Matter Loc Jewel has been redesigned towards my current aesthetic.  As a mother of a young son and daughter, these attacks and murders have had a deep effect on me and I’ve been saddened to see what has happened in our nation.  While this brand does not promote any political agendas, this brand does support social justice and equality in our country.

This piece can be purchased as a single piece, set of two or three.  You will find this piece in the “New Arrivals” link under collection.  There may be additional styles in the future, as well as necklace or bracelet.  I had silver pieces created as well, however they were either stolen, lost or gone missing.  It is a mystery to this day! Nonetheless, I am currently selling the gold and will plan for silver again in the future.


Elijah McClain was the 23 year-old African American male murdered by three police officers while he was walking home.  Read more about his story here.

Elijah McClain

Thank you all for your support of my brand!


November 14, 2020 — Tiffany Parr

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