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Meet my first Sisterlock Model: Jessica Smith!  Watch as I demonstration how I apply my sisterlock jewels to her locs.  

In this video, you will see how I use my Loc Jewel Applicator (currently $1.00) to apply the loc jewel named Daffodil Yellow Agate.  Listed below are the loc jewels found in this video, all of them in the Color Me Beautiful Collection 2018-2019.

for video, click here 

 On Jessica:
Carbon Black Tortoise Shell & Black Onyx Horn Sisterlock Jewel
Bisque Rosebud Leopardskin Jasper Sisterlock Jewel
Medallion Gold Hematite Sisterlock Jewel
Daffodil Yellow Agate & Pearl Sisterlock Jewel
Rosewood Leopardskin Jasper & Botswana Agate Fuchsia Horn LJ
(More loc jewels modeled on the website, Lookbook coming soon)

On Tiffany:
Emerald Green Jade Loc Jewel
Camel Quartz & Gold Tortoise Shell Chain Loc Jewel
Arctic Blue Amazonite & Phoenix Agate Horn Loc Jewel
Medallion Gold Hematite Loc Jewel
Rosewood Leopardskin Jasper & Botswana Agate Fuchsia Horn LJ

Sisterlock Model: Jessica Smith IG: @jessicals0923

*****More on her loc journey coming soon.

March 09, 2019 — Tiffany Parr

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