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Finally, the launch of the new Men's Loc Jewelry Collection named NUMBERS.  This collection has been much anticipated, and long-awaited due to the repeated collections for women against the small previous men's collections, The Greats, where I named jewels after great men in black history.  This Men's Loc Jewelry Collection offers men the chance to complete their look whether upscale or modern with range of gemstones from wood to bone in Tiffany's latest Spring 2017 Collection. I decided to use different stones this time, such as Dzi beads, Batik, Matte Onyx, Lava stones and different kinds of wooden beads, such as Rajakayu wood and Silkwood.  I pushed myself to the creative limit with this collection so that men could have a collection reflective of their lifestyle, their style and showcasing their masculinity without sacrificing my aesthetic.  

I was still able to incorporate my favorites such as pyrite gems and hematite which I believe embody a man's aesthetic anyway.  With the mix of these beads, one is sure to find something he'd like, or for his significant other to purchase for him.  In addition to the new jewels are new bracelets which match the stones.  Honorable mentions are the Travis Lava Bracelet and the Henley Tiger's Eye Bracelet, in keeping with the style of the bracelets in the bracelet collection, That Critical Piece

Click here to access the new Men's 2017 Numbers Collection

Click here to access the bracelet collection

Modeling for this new collection, is Anthony Whitehead, who is an upcoming actor and model. Email, and IG handle: @awhitehead1911

Photography provided by Presley Sheffield of Natural State Images

IG handle: @naturalstateimages

Spring 2017 Lookbook will follow soon.

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