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2-3 Week delay due to increased orders

My little side-hustle has been getting this T-shirt business off the ground.  It has been so fun using my creativity in another way besides loc and natural hair accessories.  With this new business, Tees With Lemon, I am able to share random thoughts and ideas via a range of shirts from humor to women to Christian tees and more!  I have also incorporated a few LOC tees in there which will be displayed below.  I have not yet added them to this site, because I'm hoping to wait a bit until a few more are available.  I plan to see how things go. Shipping costs are different from your average order on this site, so I may keep things separated.  So follow me on my IG @teeswithlemon if you'd like, and visit my site TEES WITH LEMON by clicking this link.  To locate the shirts about locs, visit Women's Collection, Men's or Humorous Tees.  Here are a few of the tees.....

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