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The Noir Beautiful Collection 2017-2018 has been in the works now for several months!  After taking a short hiatus from social media, though still running the shop, I am finally prepared to release this collection.  It takes time to gather all your ducks in a row to launch a new collection, but this one was different because I was juggling a great many hats at one time.  Juggling life, family and other responsibilities, this collection was planned for release in the winter, but was pushed to Spring.  Everything happens for a reason (smiling).  I've learned to take it slow and steady, instead of rushing things through just for the sake of it.  Readiness is key in any new venture.  That being said, I'm so proud of this new collection!  I've been excited about the juxtaposition of colors and the variety you can create only with the color black.



This collection is chock-full of jades, agates, Swarovski's, blackstone, and so much more.  The metals used are all genuine metals such as hematite, copper, pyrite, silver and 14k gold. Search the description of each jewel to see what it is made out of.  This time, instead of abstract-named products, I just decided to use unique women's names, both ethnic and traditional. Also, inside this collection, you'll find jewels for the traditional loc-ers, sisterlock gals, and the option for sizing up!  What's new and unique to this collection are the new styles of cuffs and the options for silver, gold of the same style cuff.  They are primarily for traditional loc-ers. but new small styles for sisterlockers.  Size appears to be a 2.75mm-3mm size loc. 

I hope you enjoy this new collection with new models modeling the jewelry along with myself.  Models include: Nyah from Natslocs (see her IG link below) and Tene'A (which I've used before) aka locstaaar (see her IG link below).  Also featured is the vintage clothing worn by Tene'A from a shop called Golden Bird Boutique!  (link below)  If I could only wear these clothes every day!!!! These are sooooo my style, but lets be honest, it costs money to look good! 




Let me know what you think in your comments below guys, and happy shopping!!!!

*See new Spring 2018 Lookbook for inspiration on how to wear the loc jewels!

Tene'A  IG: @_locstarrr

Natslocs IG: @natslocs

Golden Bird Boutique IG: @goldenbirdboutique

April 07, 2018 — Tiffany Parr

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