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2-3 Week delay due to increased orders

FINALLY! Tiffany's Tees are back.  Previously uploaded on separate site called, Tees With Lemon, I have finally re-released those favorite styles, along with NEW styles, such as Black Hair United, in an effort to unify the natural hair community and celebrate our differences, as well as ways we are the same.

Customers can now choose from a myriad of styles and sizes in a way that is much simpler than what was on the other site.  Previous faves were, Caught Up in the Loc, Beautify Your Locs, and Weekend Forecast.  New styles are Black Hair United and Natural Hair Journey.  Stay tuned for more styles as well as other merch to share with friends, take to work or gatherings, and celebrate with the natural hair community.

Take pictures, wear your shirt on social media, tagging @tiffanyslocjewels on Instagram and you will receive a special discount towards your next purchase for anything on the website, just hashtag #tiffanystees.

Remember that if you order your tee in a bundle with other products, it will come in a separate package at this time, mailed from Teespring.  Enjoy and Happy Shopping!!!!





May 31, 2019 — Tiffany Parr

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