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2-3 Week delay due to increased orders

 Greetings loc stars!

I have been receiving a myriad of emails about when the "sold out" products will be restocked.  I just want all of you to know, it is not my desire to have you wait this long.  As the COVID-19 crisis looms on, supplies have been bottle-necked, delayed and the like.  In addition, I have been putting in longer hours at work, which prevented me from making progress on this goal.  Nonetheless, I plan to finish up the current supply and send them to the warehouse for shipping by the end of 2020, hopefully sooner.  I will certainly send out an email and post about it on this website and social media channels.

As I seek to streamline this process, I appreciate all of your support and patience.  If I ever plan to “leave the business”, I will certainly let everyone know.  Sometimes, as an entrepreneur it is important to take a break and re-allocate funds, re-delegate tasks, and so on in order to “go the distance”.

Next on the horizon is the restocking of the following products:

Natural Hair Mists:     Let Go, Glory, Satisfaction, Free and Sacred

Loc & Twist Loc Gel


I do plan to eventually restock Anti-Viral and Dream.  In addition, many requests have come for Adore.  I plan to restock the men’s scent, Early Rain as well.  I may be selling them as the “Scent of the Month” so as to increase the quantity of a particular scent.

Thank you for your awesome support!  There may not be a sale this year, as I am trying to build up my supply and stock for next year.  There are limited items available at this time.

Finally, as for loc jewelry! I do plan to launch a new collection soon.  I have shopped for the supplies and have the design aesthetic of the new collection in mind.  I love what I have come up with.  It will launch in 2021, by God’s grace! I plan to work on this after the hair products are ready to sell. Wholesale is currently on hold until my supply is built up sufficient enough.  I apologize for this and am truly disappointed about this, but I’ve come to realize there is a season for everything.

Feel free to send any questions either through this site or email

November 14, 2020 — Tiffany Parr

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