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BLUEPRINT Apatite & Mother of Pearl Wire-wrapped Sisterlock Jewel has strategically placed gems right in the right place.  It holds semi-precious gems such as Mother of Pearl and new-on-trend, gold rectangular 14k gold-plated hematite with central stone, an oval-shaped deep ocean blue apatite gemstone. Accented on top and bottom are gold hematite stones with a division of rhinestone crystal.  This is a rare piece, limited quantities while supplies last.  It speaks of beauty and simplicity all in one jewel. Certainly a statement piece.  More styles similar to this to come. This jewel is part of the 2021 VINTAGE GLAM COLLECTION. 

*This is currently for SL, but  may be offered for traditional.  Specify at checkout if you'd prefer traditional size. See Secondhand Blue Apatite & Mother of Pearl Loc Jewel for Traditional style!

Size: 3.75 mm



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