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The GRAND GESTURES Neon Yellow & Matte Black Onyx Loc Jewel consists of faceted, rectangle gun-metal grey hematite, black onyx rondelles, oblong clear crystal gemstones, with center piece being neon yellow Chinese crystal.  Honorable mentions are: double oblong Ethiopian brass, matte black onyx and neon yellow agate gemstones!  Marked throughout are gold hematite stones, and rhinestone rondelles and end cap rose-copper hematite stones which add stunning accents to this piece. This is the perfect loc jewel to be glammed up with the perfect outfit.  This jewel adds that bit of subtlety and class your locs deserve!  This jewel is part of the 2021 Rustic Romance Collection.

*NOTE* Will be available in Sisterlock variation in Peerless collection and large loc collection called the Zenith Collection for the larger loc jewels.




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