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The SAND DOLLAR KHAKI Picture Jasper Stacking Bracelet is made with the classic gemstone called Picture Jasper. Created with mesmerizing gemstones surrounding the triple SILVER lava gemstones in the center, this bracelet is sure to be an eye-catcher! This bracelet is made to be stacked and mixed with other gemstone bracelets to complete your look.  Choose from drop-down to add the accent Titanium Lava bracelet to your set.  This bracelet is interchangeable with many loc jewels and gemstone hairties throughout the loc jewelry collections, however originally was matched with jewels in the Pieces Collection 2022 specifically silver hairties or jewelry, and any neutral loc jewels in the gemstone chip collection(Pieces).  Please peruse the other collections and choose the set if looking to purchase set.

*May be available in earring or necklace! Look to Complete Your Set!