Tiffany Parr seeks to inspire women to embrace their individuality within, by wearing the chic, the casual, and the upscaled loc jewel. Her natural hair journey began in 2002, when she went for the big chop and wore an afro, adorning her crown with scarves and pretty earrings.  After locing, Tiffany sought to create jewelry that was not available to her at the time.  With the inception of Tiffany's Loc Jewels, she created pieces which displayed the style she wanted to convey.  Though the natural hair market has been flooded with afrocentric jewelry, Tiffany wanted to offer something different while honoring her heritage by paving a pathway for future entrepreneurs and by taking pride in her natural hair.  She portrays her point of view in pieces that are chock-full of Swarovski crystal, semi-precious gemstones and pave cuffs using unique wiring techniques to create these looks.  With the expansion of the natural hair community, this business continues to grow.  Each piece is hand-crafted with attention to detail, mixing various metals and gemstones.
Even as a child, Tiffany was always creating things, it did not matter what it was.  She practiced calligraphy, wrote short stories, poems, and learned to become a liturgical dancer (dance ministry).  She created new board games, outdoor games for neighborhood kids, name plates with various color patterns, and jewelry.  Her most infamous and hilarious pieces to her family were the "Kid 'N Play" earrings with each artists photo on the opposite ear, and the Michael Jackson "Beat it" black, vinyl record used as a ponytail holder!  Regardless of how funny or outrageous her creations were, she did not let it stop her from creating just one more piece.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she grew up with a family of musicians and ministers, and those in the arts.  Her father is a minister, her mother is a classical singer, her uncle an actor, and herself, cousin and brother sang in a professional children's choir as well as played instruments.  All grown up, Tiffany has two children and obtained a Master's Degree as an Occupational Therapist Registered and has practiced therapy for the past thirteen years.  She learned to adapt and "create" different activities with her geriatric patients to better their quality of life.  So it's safe to say, creating is just in her blood!  Wearing one of her pieces means that you are expressing your voice and your personal style, regardless of popular opinion. She has also has a small line of jewelry (necklaces, bracelets and earrings) integrated into the TLJ's line for the mass market named That Critical Piece Jewelry.  Discover what is aesthetically pleasing in your eyes as you explore your natural journey into the world of color, shape, texture, size and fit to beautify your locs!

Tiffany's Loc Jewels, LLC  est. 2011
Tiffany Parr