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A Blog Article By Tiffany Parr (11/25/21)

Healthy locs are the sole and primary responsibility of the loc owner.  When someone first chooses to loc their hair, it’s an exciting and new experience and the one thing they want to do more than anything else is make sure their locs are healthy and strong.  I would even suggest that beauty is secondary.  That being said, even as desirous as purchasing loc jewelry can be, it comes in second to maintaining a healthy loc. So let me share four tips to ensure you can maintain your locs longevity while still enjoying the luxury of embellishing your locs.

#1- If your locs are immature, start your collection of loc jewelry with wire-wrap jewels only.  This way, you can adjust your loc jewel to the size that your loc will eventually be.  Wire-wrap jewels are adjustable, and with TLJ’s, you can extend the wire by making it longer or shorter as is your preference.  

#2- Move your loc around on a two-three week rotation.  Make every attempt to not allow one loc jewel to remain on one loc for an extended period of time.  Slide it either up or down the loc, or move it to another loc all together.  Try this all while ensuring the loc jewel does not fall off the loc.  Loc Jewelry should be semi-snug around the loc and you should be able to shake the loc vehemently and it not fall off on you.  If it falls off or slides off during your sleep, then the loc jewel is on the wrong size loc.

#3- Gently palpate the loc after you’ve removed it from the loc.  You may wash it, or do this on “wash day”, or semi-monthly, to ensure no damage is done to the loc and that there is no discoloration from products to jewels or locs.  This you can do with shampoo/cleanse or a natural hair mist from Tiffany’s line of products.

#4- Wear your loc jewel as you would any other piece of jewelry, such as earrings or special necklaces.  Since you can now purchase the loc jewelry applicator #locjewelryapplicator, you can easily re-apply the loc jewel the next day.  If you choose, you may slide the jewel off at night and re-apply in the morning, especially specialty elite pieces.  The jewels for every day wear, or “ready-to-wear” loc jewels, can remain on, however still remove on a bi-monthly basis.  You can use your intuition to know when it’s time to remove a loc jewel as well, but wash day is a good time to move them around.

There are so many loc jewels to wear for various occasions, therefore, you can always choose by size to see what length best suits your locs and how much real estate you want surrounding  your loc.  Embellishing your locs with loc jewelry can be done in a tasteful way that guarantees your locs will remain strong and intact. One just has to stay privy to cues your locs are telling you and become proactive in caring for them.  

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November 25, 2021 — Tiffany Parr

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