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I’m so excited to introduce to you a fellow loc beauty, Kanyika Yorke, from Toronto, Canada. She is one of many who will be interviewed on my blog to share their loc journey, loc stages, products and maintenance. She has been so supportive in promoting the Tiffany’s Loc Jewels brand on her Instagram and blog. Kanyika is celebrated because of her smooth and even locs! Many even say, she has "the smoothest locs they've ever seen". Stay tuned for some Q & A to get to know her better!


  1. Tell us a bit about yourself (Name, where you grew up, do for a living, your passion)
My name is Kanyika Renée Yorke. Born in Montréal, Canada and raised in the U.S., Kenya and South Africa, I have a Caribbean background and I currently live in Toronto. I am a passionate naturalista, visual artist and travel enthusiast.
  1. When did you start your locs? What do you like best about them and least about them?
I started my locs in September of 2008, right after graduating from university. I was natural throughout all 4 years of my undergraduate education and I wanted a style that would permit me to keep my hair natural and healthy. I enjoy the versatility of my locs, however, the maintenance can be somewhat time-consuming.
3.  What are some of your staples for loc maintenance?
To keep things simple, my staples for loc maintenance are Dudu Osun black soap for washing and coconut oil for moisture. I also use natural conditioners with aloe after washing.
     4.  Loc tightening, Palm Roll or Freeform?
I palm roll my locs once a month or so.
     5.  What is your primary, go-to styling product you use to twist/style your locs?
I use ORS (Organic Root Stimulator) to palm roll because its water-based and light.  I wrote a review of diffferent gets/products on my blog if you'd like to learn more. I think the "secret" to my smooth locs is in my palm rolling technique.  It's difficult to describe, but I focus on my roots and new growth.  People have asked about my "baby hair", and I don't do much other than brush them down to create a little something interesting.  Most times I just wake up with them laid when I take my silk scarf off in the mornings.
           6.What is the mission/purpose of your (blog/band/business/project, etc)
I initially started my blog as a way of simply documenting my own loc progression. I quickly realized that it became a forum for others to ask me questions and exchange advice on loc care. Now, I try to position my posts in a way that reflects the versatility of my locs while providing product recommendations and tips. I also love to travel, so there has to be a travel section!  
       7. What piece of advice would you give someone who wanted to start a (your project)?
I'm happy to see so many men and women embracing their natural hair and experimenting with locs of all shapes and sizes. I'm in the process of converting my blog from a hobby to a business opportunity in the form of product recommendations and features. I'm always interested in collaborating with others who share my passions. My advice to those who are new to blogging would be to know your audience and share posts regularly that are interesting and relevant to your followers. What starts out small can grow very quickly.  
     8. Which Tiffany's Loc Jewels piece is your favorite and why?
I'm really enjoying my turquoise gemstone hair tie. It's so unique and beautifully crafted. The turquoise is a lovely contrast against my ombre locs. 
If you would like to read more about Kanyika and her current projects, you can find her at:
Kanyika Yorke
IG: ladyloc_
Kanyika is wearing two pieces from Tiffany’s Loc Jewels, The Magnesite Gemstone Hairtie in Turquoise color, and her Locaversary Jewel from the her loc birth month, September!
January 16, 2016 — Tiffany Parr

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