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     I am happy to introduce to you, Olivia Davina from the Netherlands!  She is noted for her beautiful, thick locs showcasing jewels from the Fierce & Fine Collection/Zenith Collection (larger loc category).  She has been an avid supporter of my business over there across the sea, and I am very grateful.  We get a chance to learn all about her loc-keeping secrets, and what it is she's really passionate about!  Stay tuned for some Q & A.



    1.  Tell us a bit about yourself (Name, where you grew up, do for a living, your passion)

    Ola! My name is Olivia, I was born and grew up in The Netherlands. First in the big city Amsterdam and now I’m located in Almere, nearby. From origin I'm from Surinam, South America. I study Psychology and my passion is playing bass. I'm a bassist in my Reggae- band: 'The Dubbeez'. Right now we are busy with releasing our second single called; 'Hangover'. What I like most about this band, is that I can express my creativity and spend time with lovely people with the same passion. 

      2.  When did you start your locs? What do you like best about them and least about them?

             I started with my locs when I was 17 years old. I'm 24 years old right now, so that makes it 7 years that I have them. What I like most about my hair is how thick my hair has grown since I went natural. It also doesn't take a lot time to do my hair. If I have to say something about my locs what I don't like...then I think the fact that I also like braids or an afro and that I can't switch just like that. Because creating locs takes a few years.

        3. What are some of your staples for loc maintenance?

        I don't use any products for my hair. Only almond oil or coconut oil for my hair and scalp. I go to my hairdresser once in two months to do my hair. The technique that he uses is with a crochet pin.


            4. What is the mission/purpose of your band?

            My mission with my band is to tour around the world. Play music and make a living of it. I don't need a lot, but that is something that my heart desires. I will always play music, if I can make a living out of it, I'm safe!

              5.  What piece of advice would you give someone who wanted to start a band? 

              I've been playing in bands since I was 18 years old. That means you’re a team member and you don't just have to deal with yourself, but with others also. My part is not only to play my bass, but I'm also the leader of the band, which I think is the hardest part, because people don't always do what you want them to do. As a leader I think it's important to be able to listen to another (stand open), to make decisions in benefit of the group and to create a safe environment for everyone. You also grow in every little thing you do, don't be afraid to look in the mirror and step up your game. My advice is to surround yourself with people you can learn from and people who support you. Also be someone we can learn from and someone who supports another in what he or she is doing. Give and receive, that's how life works.

                6. Which Tiffany's Loc Jewels piece is your favorite and why?

                I received a package from Tiffany, from America to Holland. Which I'm very happy about, because I don't know where to buy loc jewels in Holland. I bought some, but my locs are thick so they won't ever fit. The jewels from Tiffany do fit and if I have to pick one that is my favourite, then I would say the one with my initial on it (The Untamed Loc Jewel). That makes it personal.  

                   *****If you would like to read more about Olivia and her current projects, you can find her at:







                  February 10, 2016 — Tiffany Parr


                  Wise Nubian

                  Wise Nubian said:

                  i want you to become my wife! bestfriend! Queen!

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