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2-3 Week delay due to increased orders
Hi Friends!
In an effort to streamline the shipping process, I've been taking time to re-vamp all my products, sizes, etc, and update my branding to a more professional look for further expansion.  It is taking a little longer than I'd like, but it is due to funding. With the business expanding and increased sales, I needed more assistance than I could handle and needed outside assist in having products made, as I was hand making everything myself or with an assistant.  This is rather difficult while holding down a full time job.  Customer service was lacking, as people were waiting weeks for their products and I just wasn't happy with it (I don't think you guys were either, though many of you were quite patient).  So, THE PLAN IS I will still be having a wide selection of products available, even more, actually!
The following will be available soon: Dream, Free and Satisfaction, as well as the Fruity oil (currently available) and the Floral oil will be available.  Please let me know your favorites so I can consider making sure they are in stock.  I had to decrease the amount of mists, but I will try to bring some back on a seasonal basis.  Please let me know your favorites, so they can remain staples.
I will have a new shampoo and setting mouse available within the next week or so as well, and plan to expand the line with other additional products.  I truly appreciate your patience and I just want to let you guys know how much I appreciate all your support all these years!  Before approaching burnout, I had to consider alternatives that would be good for myself as well as growth for the business.
There is still much more in TLJ's future, so please stay in the loop.  I know it's "slow-coming", but things that are good are worth the wait.  It takes time and money to establish new things properly.
Many blessings and hugs and kisses,
March 07, 2020 — Tiffany Parr


Edwin Sims

Edwin Sims said:

That cinnamon mint hair mist is EVERYTHING!!! I want to smell like that all the time. Oh yea and my locs love it. Please dont be rid of it for good. Let me know when I can get more

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