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Blog Article by Tiffany Parr
Most recently, I was washing and styling my hair and discovered, after a week of wearing my hair untwisted at the roots for a week, that two of my locs had joined together!  It just seemed right that they had fastened together and so when it came time to twist them at the root, I just left them like that.
This area was towards the front edges and there are a whole host of locs there which were thinning at the root because they were already created thin.  (over time, my hair has been thinning there) So I needed to fortify them by twisting more hair at the root. So, next wash I looked for any others I needed to twist, and soon found another set on the opposite side.  Sometimes, this is needed and you simply have to make your own judgment calls towards making this happen. I took the two strands and created a two-strand twist, then palm-rolled them with my products (ORS Twist and Loc Butter, my Natural Hair Mist and had pre-oiled my entire scalp previously with my Loc Drench Hair Oil).  After this, I just left them be. It has been several weeks now and little by little they are meshing together with the lines of demarcation diminishing with each passing wash.
After the next few washes, I had to palm roll them again after re-twisting the bottom half.  The top half has already fused together, thankfully, so it’s just the bottom half that needs to join.  I am not planning to add anything to my hair to cause it to loc, I just plan to let nature take its course.  It helps to have braid-out loc styles and such because I believe this assists in advancing the process.
I’m glad that my locs have more strength around the top of my head now and it’s hardly noticeable after a while.  I tend to think of longevity where locs are concerned and the overall health of your hair for the long run. For now it may look somewhat awkward at times, but eventually it will all mesh together, blend in well with my other set of locs near it and be stronger than ever.  
Let me know if you’ve had to combine any locs and what your experience has been like below.
Blog Article by Tiffany Parr
Copyright 8/28/18.


Tiffany's Loc Jewels

Tiffany's Loc Jewels said:

Thanks for sharing Britney! I agree. It’s important to have strong healthy locs, no matter how we have to make it happen.


Britney said:

I recently combined two front locs close to the edge because I too think for the future health of my locs. I love it already because my combined loc looks so thick and healthy! I think combining locs bring character and is excited to see it’s little journey!

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