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Best Practices to get Through the Winter Months with Locs 2022

As the winter air is upon us, with dropped temperatures and changing elements, our locs have to combat a lot of abuse.  From changing hats, brushing up against sweaters, and dealing with the cold air, we can easily find ourselves with drier than usual locs.  There’s a few things we can do to help ourselves with this.

The first thing we can do is incorporate a silk scarf into our daily regime and sleep on silk pillowcases. Wearing a silk scarf assists in trapping the moisture emanating from your head and keeping it close. 

Secondly, we can moisturize our locs with a conditioning mist.  Whether it’s one of my mists (Natural Hair Mists) or someone else’s it is imperative that we keep our locs hydrated in dry air.  Heat from inside the home can be dry at times, and the cold wind from outside the home can be drying as well.  If you are looking for something with Rose Water in it because of its beneficial qualities, my Let Go Natural Hair Mist and Midnight Run Natural Hair Mist both have it in them.  They are under the Floral & Men’s tab.  Rose Water facilitates the strength of your locs because it is a robust moisturizer and acts as a toner for your hair.  Peppermint oil helps also to stimulate the scalp and keeps it healthy due to its antibacterial properties.  This can be found in Natural Hair Mists, Dream and  Sacred.  My personal favorite between these two is Sacred, but everyone has their favorites!


Next, we can make sure our ends are properly cared for.  Taking some light oil and rubbing it against your ends can go a long way in preserving the integrity of the loc.  Surely, we can oil the entire loc, but the ends are most vulnerable at this point.  My Loc Drench Hair Oil has two primary oils, grapeseed and apricot oil.  These will work just fine.

Finally, we can make sure we wash our hair within two to three weeks to prevent further drying.  It is important we don’t neglect washing our hair during this time even though it can be inconvenient to have a semi-wet head for 24 hours.  I prefer to air dry my locs after using a blow dryer for approximately 5 minutes directly after twisting my roots.  Otherwise, I air dry. Washing locs is a vital process in hair care.  I will be sharing more about my loc routine in an upcoming book.

Our locs are the crown of our head. We should take the time to nourish them accordingly.  If something works well for someone else, but not for you, don’t do it.  If you have your system down, it’s fun to try new things, but feel free to go back to what works.  Trust your instincts through it all.  Do what you feel is best for your locs at the time.  Most of all, remember the health of your locs is more important than the length of your locs.  Maintain the integrity of the locs no matter what! :)

*This blog article was repurposed from being written years ago, after many felt it helpful to them.  Now, looking to revise it with the latest conditioning mists added.

February 19, 2022 — Tiffany Parr
Tags: winter locs

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