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A very popular topic on the YouTube Loc Tutorials is the infamous question:

How Many Locs Do I Have?  

As people embark on their loc journey, they are very inquisitive on how many locs people have on their head.  I have to admit, it is fascinating!  It's like guessing how many jelly beans are in the glass jar.  You just want to know the answer.  Not that it's the most important thing in the world, but it's just something you'd like to know the answer to.  I think it's because, beyond the notion of comparing locs, people want to know the loc count because it has something to do with the size of a person's head, and you just wonder how many locs (via parts) are there.  

Well, if you go ahead and watch my video you'll see exactly how many locs are on my head.  I have to admit, there was probably a better way to count them, but oh well, once I started I just figured I'd finish that way.  

I hope you enjoy the video!  There is a PART 2 sharing the jewelry I was wearing in the video, which is also what I wore for the mini-photoshoot, my daughter shot.  Comment below or on youtube to let me know what you think.


August 05, 2017 — Tiffany Parr

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