annual loc appreciation day sale starts friday-midnight 30% off SITEWIDE; code: LAD22
2-3 Week delay due to increased orders

Loc Appreciation Day is finally upon us.  It is celebrated on June 23rd each year, or around that time on the third or fourth Saturday of the month.  In honor of this day, I am hosting my annual sale, as other loc-ers around the globe are celebrating with Meet-Ups, Parties, Festivals and dinners and the like.  Not always are we privileged enough to host a day that is all our own in the natural hair community, so it's great to do now.  Tiffany's Loc Jewels' sale is 4 days starting Friday, June 22nd.  More products may be available over the weekend as others may be sold out due to what has been sold or currently in stock.

30% off is the discount site-wide, which essentially pays for free shipping and a lot more, allowing you to purchase more products at once, or try new ones.

The code for this sale is:  LAD2018

Enjoy perusing the site and shopping to your heart's content this weekend.





June 22, 2018 — Tiffany Parr

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