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Each piece of Tiffany’s Loc Jewels  jewelry is hand-crafted, often with rare and/or unique gemstones, metal findings and components that require delicate handling. 

Certain metals and plating (specifically gold-plated) can tarnish over time when exposed to chemicals, from products such as hair gels, perfume and lotions. Metals susceptible to tarnish, can tarnish when exposed to air.  In order to extend the life of your jewel, we recommend you avoid its exposure to different oils and chemicals.

Here’s how to spruce up the following types of jewelry:

Gold-plated & Silver-plated~ 2 drops of mild dish soap in warm water, dip jewel and remove & rinse. Rub or buff item with polishing cloth.

Copper~ Combine vinegar or lemon juice with baking soda in sudsy mixture, dip jewel and remove & rinse. Rub or buff item with polishing cloth. Acidity will break down the patina that has formed.

Finally, to clean jewelry without submersion, we recommend gently wiping with a soft jewelry cloth and storing in a jewelry box after each wear.

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August 21, 2021 — Tiffany Parr


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I need to see prices and how I can buy for sisterlocs.

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