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LOC JEWELRY is such a lovely accent to wear on your locs.  However, every loc jewel is not for every occasion and every jewels is not created the same.  There are some loc jewels which are specifically made for everyday use, and then there are jewels for special occasions!  I have designed my loc jewelry in such a way to ensure you will find jewels for upscale events, as well as meeting someone for coffee, or date night.  The vision of this company is for people to form a collection of loc jewels that they could wear every day with different outfits.  Just as we choose to switch out our traditional jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces, we could also switch out our loc jewels.


LOC JEWELS with metallic colored wire are meant to be worn for short periods of time, say a day or so, and should be kept away from oils and water products.  Loc jewelry made with sturdy, non-tarnishing wire can be worn on a daily basis with locs, twists, braids and more.  When it is accompanied by gemstones, you can be sure that these will not turn your locs a different color, or the loc jewelry to turn colors when it is sprayed with oils, water, shampoos and conditioners.  Loc jewels with cuffs, or loc jewels made with thinner material are very beautiful in their own right, however need to be monitored when in contact with products or water-based material.  Though it creates a beautiful look on your braids or locs, be sure to move these cuffs around to (different locs) avoid creating a dent in your locs or changing the color of your locs.  

SOME LOC JEWELS and hairties which are more elaborate, need only to be worn on special occasions, photoshoots, date nights, family gatherings etc. And some of the simpler designs are perfect for everyday and long-standing use.

BE CAREFUL removing loc jewels from your hair, so as not to snag the hair from other locs.  This can happen from time to time, and is easily remedied by standing in front of a mirror to see where it needs to be removed from.  

CHILDREN ALSO like to wear loc jewels, and there are several for them to choose from in the new collection called the: Children’s Identity Series.  Another collection that deserves a mention is the Bridal Collection.  In 2017-2018, I plan to add a few more pieces to this collection to provide more options for natural brides.  This collection is filled with creme, white and silver and I may broaden this a bit.  There are some new everyday pieces in the Satellite Collection 2017,  which is a hodgepodge of jewels put in one place with no particular theme in mind. This originated from adding loc jewelry to fill out a few wholesale orders.  That being said, be sure to check the Stockist listing for locticians or beauty supply stores in your area for you to see my products up close and personal, instead of purchasing on the site. I hope you enjoy perusing my collections and find something just for you.  You deserve to treat yourself to something special!  A little luxury never hurt anyone!

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