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 INTRODUCING JESSICA SMITH! Jessica boasts a lovely mane of sisterlocks! She is the first featured sisterlock model in the Color Me Beautiful campaign showcasing tiny loc jewels perfectly suited for micro locks or sisterlocks.  View the video to see how I applied her loc jewels with the loc jewel applicator.  Stay tuned for some Q & A to learn more about her loc care secrets along with her recent endeavors!

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself (Name, where you grew up, do for a living, your passion)
    • Jessica Shannon
    • I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and went to college at TCU (go Horned Frogs!)
    • I work in Digital Advertising and I love it. I get to work with some of the smartest people in the industry and partner with companies like Google, Verizon, Condé Nast, etc.
  • Being creative is my passion. I secretly write poetry and love to write in my spare time. I’m also a freelance graphic designer when I’m not doing my day job!
    • I just got married in January of 2018 and my husband is a Marine. We get to move every few years, so my life is an adventure. We just bought our first home in Maryland!
    • I have a miniature dachshund and a Doberman, so a very small and very large dog!

    1.  When did you start your locs? What do you like best about them and least about them?
    • I started my locs in July of 2012, so I’ve had them for about six and a half years. I love that this style lets me grow my hair long without too much maintenance. The fact that I don’t own a comb still makes me excited. There’s nothing I love least about them. I’m in love with my hair and it grows daily.
    1. How did you come to choose sisterlocks over traditional locs?  How many locs do you have? How long did the install process take?  If you could do this over again, would you do anything differently?
    • Before my sisterlocks, I was looking for a low maintenance, natural style that didn’t involve weave. I actually have family with sisterlocks, so I was definitely inspired by them and how they rocked the look. My installation took 3 12-hour days. The last day, I actually had 2 consultants installing my sisterlocks to speed up the process. I definitely wouldn’t do anything differently. I fully recommend sisterlocks to anyone ready to take the plunge!
    1. What are some of your staples for loc maintenance?
    • Moisture is key when your locs have matured. I find that a good moisturizing spray goes a long way for me and keeps my hair fresh. I love using Tiffany’s Natural Hair Mist to keep my hair smelling great and moistured. The Serenity scent is my favorite and it’s convenient for me to buy at my Loctitian’s salon (Locs Naturally Beautiful in Hurst, Texas)
    1. What is the mission/purpose of your life?
    • My main mission in life is making people around me feel like they’re enough, so if that means inspiring people with natural hair options that are healthy and don’t break the bank, I’m for it!
    1.  What piece of advice would you give someone who wanted to start Locs or Sisterlocks?
    • If I met someone who wanted to start locs, I would warn them to make sure they’re ready. Once you start, reversing the process can potentially damage your hair, so be ready for the change! Also, take pride in your hair at every stage. Your locs are beautiful even when they’re still forming.
    1. Is there anything you would do different or change since you started your loc journey?
    • When I first started my locs, I wish I hadn’t washed them them so much! This caused a lot of slippage and extra retightenings that I could have avoided by letting it breathe.
    1.  Have you faced any new challenges in your loc journey which you had not experienced before?
    • As my hair gets longer, I have suffered from “hands-in-hair” syndrome. I can’t keep my hands out of my hair and I find that this can damage my locs.
    1.  What would be the best single piece of advice you would offer a newbie (new loc-er)?
    • Love your hair in all of its stages. It’s beautiful, so embrace it.


    1.  Which Tiffany's Loc Jewels piece is your favorite and why?


    • My favorite piece is the Meadow Brazil Ruby Zoisite Sisterlock jewel. It’s colorful and I love how it wraps around my loc.

    1. Coffee or Tea?
    • Coffee for sure! Can’t function without a cup of coffee.

    If you would like to contact Jessica, or read more about this brand ambassador and her current projects, you can find her at:


    IG:  @jessicals0923

    Her Loctician: Anneice at in Hurst, TX

    March 17, 2019 — Tiffany Parr

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