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2-3 Week delay due to increased orders

Happy New Year Loc Stars!

A quick note to let you all know that the hair mists sold out within less than 24 hours!  Because there was such a long wait, I've taken steps to create more by hand and will have them ready in the next few weeks. There is currently still LOC DRENCH TWIST in stock.  

Working on the addition of ADORE also, with the next batch.  Stay tuned, and thank you all for supporting my business.

Happy Holidays!

December 31, 2020 — Tiffany Parr


Bobbie Mount

Bobbie Mount said:

Helmm on Tiffany I’m a long time customer of yours I haven’t order in a long time I’m back on your page I see a lot if changes & products are out I’m trying ti order & caint I need to order sprays & jewelry but u see the jewelry has went up tremendously I know u have a business but it’s a lot could u send me a discount code please ti use & I was looking for the antiviral spray also well hope u staying safe god bless

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