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2-3 Week delay due to increased orders




Wholesale opportunities are back! Finally!  Thank you to those who have been patiently waiting for me to make the necessary arrangements to make this process the smoothest as possible.  Now you can order online for your loc jewelry accessories and generate passive income while you simply do your job "making people beautiful" on a daily basis.  This is for beauty-supply owners as well, who'd like to sell Tiffany's Loc Jewels in their boutique or store.  Simply apply below and you will be qualified to proceed forward. Expect to receive a Welcome Letter explaining the process and a Client Welcome Packet for those of you demonstrating social proof of your role.


If you are interested in booking a call to discuss the packages, or inquire more about this opportunity, please click link above, or submit email to  (Calendar will be available soon)



July 30, 2021 — Tiffany Parr

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