The new collection, PEARLIZM, is  chock-full of pearls mixed with gemstones! The inspiration for my latest collection stemmed behind my desire to get back to dainty, feminine jewels. I wanted to mix the rich, bold colors of pearls with the semi-precious gems and all their lovely patterns and uniqueness!  I had so much fun creating this collection, the only drawback was that the holes inside the pearls were very small and so I had to use a smaller wire.  This will still provide a delicate, yet strong hold onto your locs and display the product well.  

I was able to enlist a new model, Jaida, who modeled the jewelry beautifully.  Her photographer, Jelani, captured her essence not only via portrait photography, but also in video format.  Please view the lookbook titled, Autumn 2016 Collection, when you have time.  

November 20, 2016 by Tiffany Parr

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