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(How to decide)
A Blog Article by Tiffany Parr 

How do I know if I’m ready to transition to locs?  Well, in my humble opinion, there are a few ways to tell if you are ready to make that fantastic leap! 

I would have to guess that most of you reading this article are probably ready for locs and just need that kind nudge to help you finalize your decision.  If you are on the fence, maybe by the end of this article, you may have a clear indication as to what side you stand on.

First, answer the questions in this short quiz, and I believe you’ll likely figure out the answer.

  1.  Are you the type of person that likes to change their hairstyle all the time?
  2. Do you hate having to “do your hair” every day?
  3. Do you care a great deal about how you look on a daily basis?
  4. Do you like to get-up-and-go, throw your hair up in a ponytail and head out?
  5. Do you enjoy primping and spending time in front of a mirror trying to get the last strand just right?
  6. Do you enjoy having variation in your hair styling methods, but don’t tend to get upset if you didn’t achieve it that day?
  7. Could you say, “My friends would not consider me a patient person”?
  8. Are you a  “take me as I am” type of person?
  9. Do you HAVE TO  run a comb or brush through your scalp every so often?
  10. Do you like the flexibility of washing your hair and knowing you’ll look great afterwards if you do nothing else?
  11. Do you enjoy changing your hair color often?
  12. Do you enjoy doing your own hair, in a pinch?
  13. Do you change your mind alot or find it difficult to come to a final decision?
  14. Do you hate long hair sessions? Are you an “in-and-out of the salon” type of person?
  15. When you shop online or in-person to purchase clothes, do you generally find yourself returning the items?
  16. Do you have an extremely busy schedule and barely have time for yourself?

If you answered YES to all the odd questions, then you may not be quite ready for locs,  If you answered YES to the even questions, then locs may just be for you.  

Locs aren’t for everybody.  Most people who wear locs take great pride in their appearance, but don’t particularly care if others approve of it or not.  Most of them don’t care if anyone but themselves like them, because they personally know what benefits wearing locs affords to them.  People who wear locs tend to be low maintenance people who aren’t afraid of commitment.  They are very decisive people, who know what they want, and have a fearless streak in them.  They carry a boldness about them.  They are most often at peace with themselves!

Unity & True Beauty

In an effort to stay unified, this doesn’t exclude people who enjoy other hairstyles, whether natural or not, it just appears (in my humble opinion), that loc’d individuals have a bit more of this in relation to matters of their hair, not necessarily life in general.  We should all strive for unity no matter what hairstyle we embrace, whether it be natural hair, sisterlocks, relaxed hair, weaved, baldness, straight hair, short afro, loose natural, braids or microlocks.  In any and all hair, we are all beautiful, and most beautiful, when it emanates from within us!  This is the most important notion of all!  Beauty from within, affects our beauty from without.

If you love the look of locs, but are afraid of the commitment locs bring, or want the immediate length, desiring possibly loc extensions, I would say weigh all your outcomes and make the decision you can be at peace with.  If you want to experience the full loc journey, start from scratch and allow your locs to grow slowly, caring for them daily.  As they grow, you'll fall in love with each phase.

One thing to consider is…..

Lastly, remember you have a window of time where you can have your locs taken down because they may not have fully loced yet.  Consult your loctician on this, because they will know your grade of hair best, and how fast it will loc.  So you'll have the option to take them down if necessary.  As you know, getting locs is not an easy decision to come by. You should take all the time you need to decide.  However if you’re stuck in “analysis-paralysis”, you may have your answer already.

Research your local loctician or even one you respect who may be far away in another state and contact them for a consult call.  Look at their pictures for inspiration.  Once you’ve completed your research, you may come to finalize your decision!  TLJ’s wishes you the best in your hair journey, wherever it may lead you!



May 23, 2022 — Tiffany Parr
Tags: locs

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