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The BLACK CHERRY Red Snowflake Obsidian Loc Lasso is a stunning all new gemstone hair tie! It is made of a strong elastic band with Red Snowflake Obsidian gemstones, with the central toggle clasp made with smooth, dark red ox bone.  The circular pendant is the gorgeous Red Snowflake Obsidian with mesmerizing colors!  In addition, round matching Safflower Jasper gemstones add to the complementing the colors in this piece. Copper/Rose Gold and/or Gold accents donn the tips of the stems.

***LOC LASSO'S are a simple gemstone hair tie with a little flair!  Two dangly gemstone stems fall from the central piece, providing versatility beyond just the gorgeous toggle clasp!  Enter into a new style of hair tie.....

These hair ties are multi-purpose in that they are able to be worn with updo's, as a ponytail holder, or a headband for thick hair!   Pair this tie with one or more of the lovely loc jewels that compliment these colors.  See Matching bracelet!