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The CAPRI BLUE NEON APATITE Chip Gemstone SISTERLOCK Jewel is a striking and bold loc jewel made with the gorgeous bright blue neon Apatite gemstones! These chunky gemstone chips embellish your loc style as it spirals down your loc. 

  • Offset by faceted, Gold hematite gems
  • Gold, non-tarnish wire
  • Multi-spiraled circular gems with varied sizing
  • Overstocked to compensate for chipping
  • Aesthetically pleasing on the loc

This jewel is part of the 2022 AW PIECES COLLECTION exclusively from Tiffany's Loc Jewels. Wear as a single piece or curate your own set!

Note: Some jewels will have corresponding Microlock/Sisterlock Jewels and some will not.  The same holds true for all the smaller loc jewels.

*AW (Autumn Winter 2022)



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