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The new statement piece, GLAMOUROUS Swirl Artistic Gold Semi-Slim Thick Loc Jewel is a trend-setting design, a sure-fire eye-catcher.  It was made with thicker gold non-tarnish wire and wrapped in an artistic, abstract form. This stoneless design is filled with lines, swirls, zig-zags, and more!  Perfect to wear solo or to compliment other jewels in the collection.

This jewel is a head-turner and a spin-off from other styles in former TLJ's collections which feature no gemstones, which have long been a considered bestsellers over the years.  This particular jewel, with its long-style design, is perfect for medium to long locs.  More wire-wrapped loc jewels to come! (Coming soon are silver and copper for a similar design in this collection). This jewel is part of the 2021 VINTAGE GLAM COLLECTION.

Note: Modifications for Sisterlock & Large Loc style will be available soon, SL featuring a thin wire.

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