Updated 2022, TLJ's LOC SIZE CHART added to accurately measure your locs to ensure the best size. (Copyright 2022 by Tiffany Parr) 

THE LOC SIZING CHART above displays the millimeter size of your loc and the most common cuffs used by Tiffany.   Please refer to the YouTube Videos named, Loc Jewelry Spotlight, to demonstrate how this loc jewelry is applied or you may visit the Video Tutorial Page.  Use the contact form to ask any questions you may have about the jewelry in relation to your size loc.  With your inquiry, it is helpful to attach a photo of your locs to expedite a more accurate answer.

This would typically entail all locs that fall between the super TINY LOC, MICROLOCK OR SISTERLOCK RANGE.  Tiny and Sisterlocks being the smallest, and gradually increasing to Microlock.  This size varies from loctician to loctician and is subjective to them and their style of doing locs. All jewels can otherwise be seen in the Peerless Collection, which are jewels specially made for those with small locs or jewels from all collections released down through the years for sisterlocks.


The MEDIUM LOC SIZE is generally in the TRADITIONAL range and slightly higher.  This is the most common size loc size, and most of TLJ's are created in this size range.  Most all Tiffany's Loc Jewels traditional size is 6mm. However, you may request at checkout if you're needing a more accurate size. All jewels can otherwise be seen in the general LOC JEWELRY category, or any recently listed collection.

The LARGE SIZE is perfect for the loc jewels which fall into the category of LARGE TO JUMBO size locs.  These are perfect for customers who wear soft locs, free-form or different types of faux locs.  If you're size is not listed in the photo, kindly submit your loc size jewel request at checkout. All jewels can otherwise be seen in the Zenith Collection, which are jewels specially made for those with large locs.

 *Loc Jewelry in this Size Chart is from the 2019-2020 Color Me Beautiful Collection, Rustic Romance 2021 and Vintage Glam 2021.

*If someone would like to use this TLJ's Loc Size Chart, please submit a request at this time to use by permission.  This picture will be available for sale at a future time.  Thank you!