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BLISS (BLUEBERRY & LEMON) With Peppermint is a Tiffany’s Loc Jewels exclusive Natural Hair Mist leave-in conditioner designed with certified organic ingredients, a unique blend of oils, with distilled water to hydrate and moisturize locs, loose naturals, braids and hair of all types.  This bottle is infused with a signature essential oil blend to maintain freshness, provide aromatherapy, and instill the necessary moisture to facilitate optimal hair growth! BLISS is a fruity-minty hybrid, leave-in conditioner infused with soft fruity aroma with notes of peppermint yielding an exclusive proprietary blend.  Peppermint oil prevents hair loss and provides antiseptic and restorative properties which strengthen hair and kill bacteria.  Carrier oils included, such as Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, and Jojoba Oil strengthen hair, improve blood flow, reduce dandruff and resist the possibility of hair loss.  This leave-in conditioner provides a defining aroma and contains anti-oxidants to combat the environmental odors which try to infiltrate your locs. Using this conditioner, one will be armed with nutrients to protect your scalp and hair and overall stimulate hair growth.  All Natural Hair Mists contain carrier & essential oils which are a natural disinfectant which fight against fungus, nourish roots, and unclog hair follicles facilitating growth.  


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