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~~~fan favorite back in stock~~~

OASIS MANGO, JUNIPER BERRY & MELON is a powerful, fruity scent (not your average mango scent) which embodies a luxurious, rich conditioning mist with a proprietary blend of oils, primary being Mango and Juniper Berry.  This heavenly leave-in conditioner is a watery mist meant to give your locs the hydration it deserves!  Essential and fragrance oils, specifically notes of vanilla, are used in conjunction with carrier oils such as aloe vera, jojoba, tea tree and avocado oil.  Use once or twice daily to ensure your hair is fully conditioned and moisturized.  Best used after work, gym, or prior to going out or getting close.  OASIS sustains a bold, impactful scent, one you won't soon forget!

***BESTSELLER*** (original formula)