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RUSTIC ROMANCE Fossil Coral Copper Pearl Loc Jewel

$ 62.99

The RUSTIC ROMANCE Fossil Coral Copper Pearl Loc Jewel consists of a myriad of gems and deserves the title name of this collection.  This jewel holds hand-cut faceted pyrite, fossil coral, copper pearl, agate, hematites and Ethiopian Brass of centerpiece.  This piece holds the unique detail of orange and ruby agates which yield a romantic tone. This jewel has strategically placed grey hematite stones and titanium endcaps is perfect for your upscaled look. This jewel adds that bit of subtlety and class your locs deserve and is part of the 2021 Rustic Romance Collection.

*NOTE* Modifications will be available in 3 sizes. Visit the Sisterlock collection called the Peerless Collection and the Zenith Collection for the larger loc jewels.




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