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On the eve of Loc Appreciation Day 2015,  I debut my new collection, the Summer 2015 Renaissance Collection!  This collection was named after the artists, writers, leaders and venues which rose to prominence in that era, as well as beyond.  Just as that day and time yielded a powerful movement of African-American culture in Harlem, my collection explodes with pops of color, neon brights, chains, tassels and more!


I am so excited about this collection because I was able to combine what I've done in past collections in a new and unique way, while birthing new ideas, and allowing my creativity to flow.  This collection consists of not only the Loc Jewelry, but also the new Gemstone Hairties, made with genuine semi-precious gems which are able to be tied over and over to adorn updos, wear as ponytail holders, or wear as headbands on multiple sides for people wearing naturally curly hair, 'fros, locs, twists, or braids.


The Renaissance Collection possesses hairties and loc jewelry with a treasure chest of new stones being used such as Ethiopian brass, Watermelon Tourmaline, and Fluorescent River Shell beads. This dreadlock jewelry is meant to be fun, versatile and stylish.  It is to be worn for special days with a certain outfit, and everyday use depending upon the jewel.  Some jewels are long and bold, which can be worn as updo's and tucked along the side, or left to hang down along your locs.  Others are smaller and more subtle, yet pack a big punch due to the color.  There are a few new Sisterlock jewels in the bunch, as well as Two-in-Ones, Sets and new chain jewels.  The newest feature of this collection are the myriad of brightly-colored tassels, which is on trend, and chains linking one jewel to another.  With these features, along with the mix of gemstones in the hairties, you have a lovely, coherent mix of hair jewelry.  I hope you enjoy wearing these jewels just as much as I had fun making them.




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