December 24, 2016
Deadlines for Christmas!!!

Deadlines for Christmas!!!

Beat the Christmas rush by ordering your products early! To ensure you receive your gifts before Christmas, please order by December 3rd.  One must allow for jewelry construction & product manufacturing as most products are made-to-order. Ordering early puts your mind at ease in the event of post office mailing delays. Gift wrap will be available upon request with boxes wrapped in a red, green, white or gold ribbon! 

NEW this season will also be the option to purchase GIFT CERTIFICATES beginning at $20, going up to $100! It's a perfect option for those people who LOVE to choose things for themselves! 

Tis the season! 

Happy Holidays



November 13, 2016


Fall Sale on the eve of new collection: PEARLIZM 

October 13, 2016


INTRODUCING II-KAYA ISES! Ii-Kaya Ises displays beautiful thick, locs!  Not only is she a beautiful natural, she is a passionate young woman with a vision for her life. She was a featured model in The Colors of Nature campaign showcasing the thicker loc jewels which can be found in that collection, as well as all the thicker loc jewelry in the Zenith Collection.  View the Lookbook to see how she wrapped the jewels around her locs.  Stay tuned for some Q & A to learn more about her loc care secrets along with her recent endeavors!



Blessed love, My name is II-Kaya Ises, my name means Jah Holy Herbs (Holy Sacrament) (II) stands for King Alpha and Queen Omega in other words Jah (God) first before myself. Ises means to give praises. I am a daughter of Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen I. Even though I was manifested in Trinidad my roots are in Alkebulan (Africa). I grew up in a Town called Valencia located in the northeast of Trinidad. I currently reside in the US. I am an Ambassador for youths. I am a published rasta model (not an easy journey). I am a vegan Rastafarian, whatever I put into I temple must promote more life. Currently I am working on a few projects and the focus is to be self sufficient. I am passionate about empowering other's, using my hands to make craft, learning new skills and traveling.


I don't have a specific time frame to mention. Personally I would truly have to study InI head. This really would have bothered I at first to not be able to remember the time frame for I rebirth. But then I wondered why people always ask this question? During I journey I have learned that keeping track of certain things doesn't really serve a purpose. I crown is like breathing I don't count how many breaths I take over the years. I just journey, grow and give thanks. I like to think of I self of living in eternity and infinity.

What I love most of I locs, I love that each one is unique and that they're a perfect reflection of how I present wellness internally. Hmm, least? well I wish that they were way more larger. (smile)


Essentially I use natural products anything that sustains life. I focus on more Eastern natural remedies. For example I drink herbal teas that promotes hair growth and reduce aging try to rid Iself of free radicals. We must remember changes starts internally, yes? I pay attention to anti fungal herbs as well since almost everything here in the west is tainted.


I would first like to say this, because it's important to my crown to be describe correctly; my crown in all respects is my lifestyle, my identity, my independence. Occasionally I may palm roll a loc or two and that would be the smaller ones, you know, I can't really palm roll I crown it's just not the flow for I locs. But that's as far as it goes with palm rolling. To make appearances at certain fashion shows in the past and especially throughout I reign as Miss Caricom Queen 2015, sadly I gave few of I locs in the front a one twist before I put up in a one. Honestly that's how far the styling goes. It truly hurts I heart to neat up I locs, hence I won't participate in anything that require a certain look. My crown is more free form at this point but I desire is for them to be more free. I basically make I own oils but I love to simply use black castor oil because it works perfect for my scalp keeping I locs hydrated for a lengthy time.


The mission and life purpose is to bring good tidings, to empower, uplift, motivate and inspire. Balance is important. There's a lot of people that's a look alike, that's in the forefront and has the attention of the mass that don't represent I. And I believe that it's each one responsibility to tell their own story and what they stand for or else be represented wrongfully or deprive the generations to come from what can be a phenomenal historical role model. Ultimately, my purpose is to give praises to the Most High by utilizing I Jah given gifts and talents, whether modeling, creating crafts or just spreading positive vibrations and upholding I Livity.


My favorite piece is the large amethyst piece. I gravitate to this particular piece because of the energies it holds and for the mere fact that it fits I jumbo loc sweetly. Thank you Tiffany!


Oh yes, naturally caffeine free tea please tea.

To read more about Ii-Kaya Ises, you can find her on Instagram at handle @model_ii_kaya_ises

September 26, 2016


Take a look as I take down my jumbo braids and reveal my wavy locs!  Subscribe to my channel and follow my hair journey!

Products used: ORS Loc Butter, My Natural Hair Mist, My Loc Drench Hair Oil (Original).


September 05, 2016


Check out my BEFORE STAGE before I take down my jumbo braids to reveal the deep waves in my locs!

Products used: ORS Loc Butter, My Natural Hair Mist and My Loc Drench Hair oil.

September 05, 2016
Microlocs VS. Traditional Locs

Microlocs VS. Traditional Locs

View my new video on Youtube discussing different kinds of locs, with friend Nicole Burks.

September 05, 2016



Essential oils are a fantastic creation because of the vast benefits they provide in the area of skin care.  From Rosemary to Sandalwood, they each provide a unique purpose and benefit to your skin and hair.  Not only do they provide aromatherapy, but they are also used for health reasons.  For instance, Peppermint essential oil can be used for pain management, to apply as a topical solution, Lavender and Cedarwood essential oil can be used for minimizing flakiness and are excellent for hair and scalp.

Use of essential oils are so powerful, that they have been used for thousands of years, not only for medicinal use, but also for household cleaning products.  The particles in essential oils come from distilling or extracting different parts of plants, flowers, leaves, etc.  (Reference: 101 essential oil benefits, paraphrased).  Although there are many uses, today we will focus on the benefits of hair and scalp.  One of the most powerful essential oils is Tea Tree Oil, which can be found in each bottle of Natural Hair Mist as well as Loc Drench Hair Oils.  The benefits of Tea Tree include:

Anti-fungal, antiseptic, unclogs hair follicles, nourishes roots, induces hair growth, anti-bacterial, moisturizes skin, controls body odor, relieves skin itching, flights psoriasis, antiviral, treats warts, wounds, ringworm, reduces acne.

Whether you’ve just gotten your hair done, or looking for a refresher after a gym workout, we’ve got the Mist for you!  If you are just wanting to promote further nourishment to your locs after washing them, you may choose a particular mist, or if you have a certain scalp issue, one of the bottles may fair better to aid your healing process.   

Below is a chart I’ve developed sharing with you the benefits of each essential oil, and the corresponding Natural Hair Mists which can be found hosting them.  Based on your hairs’ deficits, choose the Natural Hair Mist that would best promote your hair’s wellness, nourishment, and your scalps’ needs. New Natural Hair Mists may be added and some may no longer be available due to discontinuing or selling out, so use this guide as a reference to locate the bottle best for you.  Email questions to, or submit through the site.




              ESSENTIAL OIL             BENEFITS                         FOUND IN NATURAL HAIR MIST


Deoderizing, removes body odor

Euphoria, Reverie, Sacred, Latter Rain



Astringent, cures seborrhea, dry scalp, thinning scalp

Peace, Pursuit


Anti-fungal, heals skin infections



Soothing, retracts skin cells affected by chemical treatments, great for harsh weather

Coming Soon


Anti-inflammatory, helps with respiratory problems, prevents hair loss

Carried Away, Sacred, Latter Rain


Antiseptic, keeps cells healthy, promotes regeneration, prevents hair loss

Sanctuary, Euphoria


Supports circulatory system, revitalizes body tissues, fades scars

Bloom, Let Go


Good for scar healing, antiseptic

Rapture, Pursuit


Stops hair loss, wound healing, dandruff, ezcema

Coming soon


Good for haircare, increases blood circulation, increases immune system, antifungal, prevents hair loss

Bliss, Serenity


Good for oily scalps


Strengthens hair, kills bacteria

Pursuit, Bloom, Heaven, Dream, Free


Restorative, antisceptic, antiviral



Antibacterial, anti-cancer, treatment against skin irritations, good for scalp flakiness

Reverie, Euphoria, Free, Sanctuary, Early Rain


Emollient, tonic, antiseptic

Bliss, Early Rain


Deodorizing, increases cell growth, astringent

Let Go, Escape, Outdoors


Stops hair loss, anti-spasmodic, pain relief, good for oily scalps

Tranquility, Carried Away, Dream


Remove lice from hair, antiviral,  antioxidant,

Loc Drench for Men


Stimulates hair growth, disinfecting

Tranquility, Pursuit



Controls excessive oil, balances pH, antiseptic, antibacterial, astringent, heals itchy skin, anti-inflammatory

Let Go, Serenity


Deodorizes, kills bacteria, promotes hair growth, stimulates scalp

Rapture, Escape


Anti-inflammatory, powerful against bad bacteria, aides in scar healing

Outdoors, Peace


Antiseptic, restorative



Fights bacteria and odor

Bliss, Reverie


Anti-bacterial, antifungal, balances oily scalp

Delight, Jubilee


Anti-fungal, antiseptic, unclogs hair follicles, nourishes roots, induces hair growth, anti-bacterial, moisturizes skin, controls body odor, relieves skin itching, flights psoriasis, antiviral, treats warts, wounds, ringworm, reduces acne



Inhibits cancerous cell, anti-oxidant, relaxing

Serenity, Paradise, Carried Away, Jubilee


Invigorates dry skin, calming, energizes brain cells

Heaven, Earth


Tones hair roots



Anti-seborrhoeic, decreases blood pressure, sedative


August 06, 2016
The Mystery of Locs And Why We Love Them

The Mystery of Locs And Why We Love Them



Perhaps it’s the thickness of some, and the thinness of others, I don’t know, its just that something uniquely special about a person’s locs. As an onlooker, some locs are to be admired and we secretly question what they had to endure through their loc journey, such as their changing looks, reaching the teenage phase, loc-popping, and so on.  Noone's locs are perfect no matter how “perfect” they may appear at that moment. Each person has had their own process of growth.  For those who’ve cut their locs and they are on their second or third set, you scratch your head and wonder, what it was that made them cut the first set in the first place? What look were they going for the second time around?  And even those who chose to cut their locs off permanently, or temporarily to experience loose hair again, you imagine how much they wrestled with that decision.

Sisterlocks are the tiniest of locs; those with several hundred plus on their head. What was their install process like? How was their hair-washing routine different than those who wore traditional-size locs? The new level of education they received in order to not only learn of the locing process, but learn of the nature of locs themselves. They are a community within a community, a sub-culture, just as loc-wearers form a sub-culture, if you will, within the natural hair community.  In addition, under that umbrella are those who chose to grow thicker locs, and knew they wanted their "locs to look like the original locs of back in the day".  Experimenting with the freeform element was so freeing and so natural without the care of the week-to-week grooming sessions the others choose to do.  Inside their mind, perhaps their is a bolder, confidence, which going against societal norms is tested even the more than those who wear nubian locs.  Then there is the nubian, or traditional, loc-wearers.  Those are the ones who like the neat parts, their hair just so, their edges laid, and sometimes wear elaborate styles. They have had their own journey, with people walking up to them asking, “Can I touch your locs? Are those extensions? How do you wash your hair?”  Having to grapple with answers for people in a friendly way was a challenge, since they simply did not know much about it in the first place, and appeared to admire them. And for all locers, the relationship with the opposite sex has been a consideration.  What is viewed as sexy comes into play.  I, myself, have been asked a few times, "How long are you going to keep those locs? You carry them well, but how long?"  And that's my sign to move on, as I realize immediately that that person would never love me for who I am.  And beauty in his eyes has been tainted.


The locs themselves are a mystery, because of a person’s head and how they fall. The mystery of locs is a mix between whats inside the head of the locer (their beginnings, their growth stages, and their goal length or style), and how the loc tends to form or mesh together due to the person’s hair texture, and whether they choose to latch/tighten their locs, palm roll their locs, sisterlock, or freeform.  The evolving journey is fascinating because we can put ourselves in someone elses’ shoes and imagine our “loc past”, or our “loc future”.  What’s inside the mind of the locer, and how they view their version of beautiful is a constant unveiling that we choose to celebrate with eachother. We wonder who this person is and what is their style? Whether corporate or artsy, they seem to have made locs work for them in their particular way.

Women adore men with locs, as over the years certain musicians, like Eric Benet and Bob Marley, has made them sexy.  They fortified a strong image at the start of their career of sexiness and mystery.  Female artists, such as Lauryn Hill, went against the grain with her thick locs throughout her career, setting a precedent for women with locs.  So whether the locer chooses to do their hair themselves or to go the salon, whether they choose to color their hair or wear their natural color, or whether they choose to use certain products to gain that finishing look they were going for, we are all in this together, and we can all appreciate our locs in their natural form however it meshes together!  




April 23, 2016
Tonya Martin's LocBox

Tonya Martin's LocBox


All the way from Canada, Tonya Martin, is one of the fabulous, African-American loc'd females coming up in the natural hair space.  She has a new company called LocBox to help naturals sample products in an organized way with a new subscription service, LocBox.  Thankfully, I was asked to be apart of her first box being sent out for April customers.  Let's rally around her and show some support towards her new "baby"!  But as you know, I had to get the low-down about her locs!  I wanted to find out all about her locing process and a little about her new venture.  Read more below if you are interested.


1.  Tell us a bit about yourself (Name, where you grew up, do for a living, your passion)

My name is Tonya Martin and I grew up in Toronto, Canada. I have lived here all my life. I am a registered nurse by trade and deal with the mental health population. My passion is hair and has always been. :)



  1. When did you start your locs? What do you like best about them and least about them?

I started my locs 2 years ago and my favourite thing about them is I love that they are natural and chemical free and all mine! No more fake hair in my head. The thing I like least about them is that I wish I had started them a little thicker. I love thick locs! Perhaps in my next loc life.


    1. What are some of your staples for loc maintenance?

    Some of my staples include water, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and I love me some Dr. Bonners castile soap in lavender.


      1. Do you palmroll, tighten or freeform? And what products do you use to maintain your style?

      My hair is always tighten by the interlock method, with the latch hook tool. I find that it lasts longer for me and I don’t have to retighten as often.


        1. What is the mission/purpose of your (blog/band/business/project, etc)

        The mission and purpose of locBOX is to provide an affordable avenue for people to find products that work for their hair. It gives an opportunity for them to access many different products, to find out what helps them grow and maintain long beautiful locs.


          1. What piece of advice would you give someone who wanted to start a (your project)?

          Be consistent and continuously be transparent.


            1. Which Tiffany's Loc Jewels piece is one that you’d want to wear?

            I want one from your new collection, Sunset something, but the name escapes me now.

                 8.  Coffee or Tea?

              Definitely coffee Tiff!


                If you would like to contact Tonya, or read more about her current projects, you can find her at:



                Thanks Tiffany, Hugs & kisses love.


                March 28, 2016


                   I am happy to introduce to you, Olivia Davina from the Netherlands!  She is noted for her beautiful, thick locs showcasing jewels from the Fierce & Fine Collection/Zenith Collection (larger loc category).  She has been an avid supporter of my business over there across the sea, and I am very grateful.  We get a chance to learn all about her loc-keeping secrets, and what it is she's really passionate about!  Stay tuned for some Q & A.



                  1.  Tell us a bit about yourself (Name, where you grew up, do for a living, your passion)

                  Ola! My name is Olivia, I was born and grew up in The Netherlands. First in the big city Amsterdam and now I’m located in Almere, nearby. From origin I'm from Surinam, South America. I study Psychology and my passion is playing bass. I'm a bassist in my Reggae- band: 'The Dubbeez'. Right now we are busy with releasing our second single called; 'Hangover'. What I like most about this band, is that I can express my creativity and spend time with lovely people with the same passion. 

                    2.  When did you start your locs? What do you like best about them and least about them?

                           I started with my locs when I was 17 years old. I'm 24 years old right now, so that makes it 7 years that I have them. What I like most about my hair is how thick my hair has grown since I went natural. It also doesn't take a lot time to do my hair. If I have to say something about my locs what I don't like...then I think the fact that I also like braids or an afro and that I can't switch just like that. Because creating locs takes a few years.

                      3. What are some of your staples for loc maintenance?

                      I don't use any products for my hair. Only almond oil or coconut oil for my hair and scalp. I go to my hairdresser once in two months to do my hair. The technique that he uses is with a crochet pin.


                          4. What is the mission/purpose of your band?

                          My mission with my band is to tour around the world. Play music and make a living of it. I don't need a lot, but that is something that my heart desires. I will always play music, if I can make a living out of it, I'm safe!

                            5.  What piece of advice would you give someone who wanted to start a band? 

                            I've been playing in bands since I was 18 years old. That means you’re a team member and you don't just have to deal with yourself, but with others also. My part is not only to play my bass, but I'm also the leader of the band, which I think is the hardest part, because people don't always do what you want them to do. As a leader I think it's important to be able to listen to another (stand open), to make decisions in benefit of the group and to create a safe environment for everyone. You also grow in every little thing you do, don't be afraid to look in the mirror and step up your game. My advice is to surround yourself with people you can learn from and people who support you. Also be someone we can learn from and someone who supports another in what he or she is doing. Give and receive, that's how life works.

                              6. Which Tiffany's Loc Jewels piece is your favorite and why?

                              I received a package from Tiffany, from America to Holland. Which I'm very happy about, because I don't know where to buy loc jewels in Holland. I bought some, but my locs are thick so they won't ever fit. The jewels from Tiffany do fit and if I have to pick one that is my favourite, then I would say the one with my initial on it (The Untamed Loc Jewel). That makes it personal.  

                                 *****If you would like to read more about Olivia and her current projects, you can find her at:







                                February 10, 2016
                                HOW TO DEAL WITH LOC ENVY

                                HOW TO DEAL WITH LOC ENVY

                                ~~~HOW TO DEAL WITH LOC ENVY~~~


                                “I love her locks, they’re nice and thick!”, “Oooh, those sisterlocks are pretty, I wonder what it would be like to have locs that small”, “Her color is the bom!” “I love the length of her locks. I can’t wait til mine get that long.” Loc Envy. We all have it. Let’s just admit it. For those of us who’ve taken the loc plunge, we’ve already signed up for some self-maintenance, watching our locs go through its stages, and letting it grow. But while its growing, we’ve got a little loc envy to deal with. So how do we deal with it?

                                Well first, give yourself permission to admire someone elses’ locs. That is healthy and it is okay. It allows us to enjoy the wait while we are reaching toward our hair goals. Admiring someone elses’ locs or their journey can be a good thing because we can learn from them and hopefully steer our loc process in the right direction. However, there are a few things to remember.


                                CELEBRATE YOUR JOURNEY

                                Realize that while another person’s locs are nice, yours will be fantastic also. Rest in the fact that your locs are unique because they are growing from your head, and you are unique. Just as God has made no two snowflakes the same, know that no two locs are the same and therefore no two peoples’ head of locs will be the same. Celebrate your locs and your journey.


                                CONCENTRATE ON THE HEALTH OF YOUR LOCS

                                Concentrate on the health of your locs. Research products, compare results against your own skin and scalp. What may work for some one else, may not work out well for you. For instance, some people may have a peanut allergy and can not use certain products that others deem successful in the treatments for their hair. Your results may be slightly different than someone elses. Concentrate on providing moisture to your locs, tying your hair up at night or sleeping on a silk pillow case. Seek out products made specifically for locs, which have a lighter consistency, and won’t cause buildup. Hair products can be somewhat like makeup, or perfume, in that, what may look right on someone else, may not quite look so well on you. Accept what works and dismiss what doesn’t work.


                                TRY NEW STYLES

                                Try interesting styles with your own locs at your current length. There are some short loc styles that are so cute, which cannot be done once your hair gets longer. Enjoy this stage by playing around with different looks and accessories, to invent a new look for yourself. Perhaps, let your loctician try a new style on you, which they think will better fit your face for a change. Why not? It can’t hurt.


                                LOCS HAVE HISTORY

                                Understand that while you have a bit of loc envy, you may not know the history of another person’s locs. They may have started with two-strand twists, then switched to tightening. They may have never used color before, while another may have colored their hair ten times! Another loc wearer may never have styled their hair much, while someone else may have constantly styled their hair. Unfortunately, some may have gone through a health crisis, or more stress at certain times of their life and have taken different medications, which can affect the strength of our locs. And finally, what we eat may be different. Some people follow a more nutritious food regime than others, some people get more rest and drink more water, and so on. Strive to be the best you can be and give your body and locs the nourishment they need to grow in the best environment.

                                All in all, though it’s alright to have a little admiration, the most admiration should be in admiring your own!





                                January 22, 2016
                                BRAND AMBASSADOR: KANYIKA YORKE

                                BRAND AMBASSADOR: KANYIKA YORKE

                                I’m so excited to introduce to you a fellow loc beauty, Kanyika Yorke, from Toronto, Canada. She is one of many who will be interviewed on my blog to share their loc journey, loc stages, products and maintenance. She has been so supportive in promoting the Tiffany’s Loc Jewels brand on her Instagram and blog. Kanyika is celebrated because of her smooth and even locs! Many even say, she has "the smoothest locs they've ever seen". Stay tuned for some Q & A to get to know her better!


                                1. Tell us a bit about yourself (Name, where you grew up, do for a living, your passion)
                                My name is Kanyika Renée Yorke. Born in Montréal, Canada and raised in the U.S., Kenya and South Africa, I have a Caribbean background and I currently live in Toronto. I am a passionate naturalista, visual artist and travel enthusiast.
                                1. When did you start your locs? What do you like best about them and least about them?
                                I started my locs in September of 2008, right after graduating from university. I was natural throughout all 4 years of my undergraduate education and I wanted a style that would permit me to keep my hair natural and healthy. I enjoy the versatility of my locs, however, the maintenance can be somewhat time-consuming.
                                3.  What are some of your staples for loc maintenance?
                                To keep things simple, my staples for loc maintenance are Dudu Osun black soap for washing and coconut oil for moisture. I also use natural conditioners with aloe after washing.
                                     4.  Loc tightening, Palm Roll or Freeform?
                                I palm roll my locs once a month or so.
                                     5.  What is your primary, go-to styling product you use to twist/style your locs?
                                I use ORS (Organic Root Stimulator) to palm roll because its water-based and light.  I wrote a review of diffferent gets/products on my blog if you'd like to learn more. I think the "secret" to my smooth locs is in my palm rolling technique.  It's difficult to describe, but I focus on my roots and new growth.  People have asked about my "baby hair", and I don't do much other than brush them down to create a little something interesting.  Most times I just wake up with them laid when I take my silk scarf off in the mornings.
                                           6.What is the mission/purpose of your (blog/band/business/project, etc)
                                I initially started my blog as a way of simply documenting my own loc progression. I quickly realized that it became a forum for others to ask me questions and exchange advice on loc care. Now, I try to position my posts in a way that reflects the versatility of my locs while providing product recommendations and tips. I also love to travel, so there has to be a travel section!  
                                       7. What piece of advice would you give someone who wanted to start a (your project)?
                                I'm happy to see so many men and women embracing their natural hair and experimenting with locs of all shapes and sizes. I'm in the process of converting my blog from a hobby to a business opportunity in the form of product recommendations and features. I'm always interested in collaborating with others who share my passions. My advice to those who are new to blogging would be to know your audience and share posts regularly that are interesting and relevant to your followers. What starts out small can grow very quickly.  
                                     8. Which Tiffany's Loc Jewels piece is your favorite and why?
                                I'm really enjoying my turquoise gemstone hair tie. It's so unique and beautifully crafted. The turquoise is a lovely contrast against my ombre locs. 
                                If you would like to read more about Kanyika and her current projects, you can find her at:
                                Kanyika Yorke
                                IG: ladyloc_
                                Kanyika is wearing two pieces from Tiffany’s Loc Jewels, The Magnesite Gemstone Hairtie in Turquoise color, and her Locaversary Jewel from the her loc birth month, September!
                                January 16, 2016
                                MY LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH MY LOCS

                                MY LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH MY LOCS

                                LOCS! LOCS! LOCS! Sometimes I love 'em, and sometimes I hate 'em.  Well, I don't really hate my actual locs, I hate the mistakes I made with my locs which are currently yielding this present result.  What result would that be, you may ask?  Why would you have issues with your locs Tiffany when they are long and beautiful?  What could you possibly see wrong with them?

                                Well, years I ago I wanted layers, and I was deathly afraid to go to a stylist, any stylist, it didn't matter if you were a loctician, a colorist, one who cuts, or only styles locs, I simply wanted to do it myself, because I trusted myself.  And so, my logic was, if I cut it, then only I can be upset with whatever mistakes I make with my locs.  And that was true.  Definitely!  So I set out to self-teach myself how to cut my locs into layers.  I was successful in trimming my all-natural hair while it was a 'fro and maintained it beautifully for three and a half years.  Rarely did you see any split ends or "dead hair", and my hair was thicker and stronger than ever since I did the big chop back to natural.  All in all, I decided to get onto Youtube and search 'how to cut your hair into layers yourself', and studied and studied and studied and studied, until I felt confident enough that I wouldn't screw my own hair up.  Well, I remember doing the cutting in parts, starting with the bottom first and then working my way up.  It looked good for awhile, until I came to the part where your locs frame your face.  One side I managed to cut absolutely perfect, but the other side....well, not so much.  I ended up cutting one side across in a straight line by accident instead of a gradual, layered framing.  Since that was wrong and looked horrible, I had to cut even more in order to "make it look right", ha ha.  At this point you are probably laughing, and well, it is kinda funny.  But later on, oh boy, later on, when it grows out, its tough to tweak and watch one side of your locs look more lopsided than the other.  Now years later, when I want all my locs one length, its a little harder to achieve and will take much longer.

                                Because of how I've colored my hair down through the years, the ends would pop off.  Some of it is perfectly natural, and some of it is due to color treatments which I also did myself with box dye. Eeww! You hair stylists out there are probably saying right now, and that's right, eeww! Now my hair looks good only when its curly or crinkled.  Every time I wear it straight, I like it for the first 24 hours, and then I hate it.  I'm patiently waiting for the day when I can wear it all one length.


                                The lesson learned: please go to a professional, no matter how much you'd like to do it yourself.  Spend the money, pay them what they're worth, seek out the best in your area and get referrals. Then go in with a peaceful assurance that you are in good hands.  Don't make the mistakes that I did, which has years of consequence.  But such is life, isn't it?

                                December 19, 2015
                                THE ART OF TUCKING

                                THE ART OF TUCKING

                                I've pulled my hair up to the top of my head, in one of my nifty hairties, and had to learn to art of tucking.  Sometimes, I wasn't quite sure what to do with my topknot.  Should I make it into a donut bun?Have it swayed off to the side? Leave some out in the front? Some out in the bottom? Decisions?! Decisions?! But what ever I finally decided to do, I had to learn the art of tucking.

                                I always started with one of my For The Gym Hairties, where I could establish my base creation, if you will.  Then after I've constructed some sort of form, I'd start to wrap my locs around in various directions, until finally I had several loose ends (loose locs) sticking out and needed to be tucked.  What's so nice about our hair is its versatility and how we don't really need bobby pins and such.  If you have a good hairtie, or even if you don't, you can still create a decent style.

                                So once I've got my hair just as I like it, I'll grab one of my gemstone hairties for the finale'!  I'll place it around the front, side or back, and anchor it in such a way that the gems get the most visibility.  Usually, I'll double it up, to facilitate the level of tightness I'm looking for. A comfortable accent is just what's needed to finish the look!




                                Please check out my gemstone hairtie collection and choose which one you'd like.

                                December 07, 2015
                                MY TRANSITION TO BLONDE LOCS - PART 2

                                MY TRANSITION TO BLONDE LOCS - PART 2

                                I'm sure we all love to give our locs special treatment! It's fun to spend time baby-ing our locs with different oils, and all the right conditioners.  But going blonde requires even more TLC!  This is because you have already stripped the hair of its top layers and caused it to become weaker and more porous.  Because of this, manufacturers have created many different products for those who choose to wear color.  In this article, I will share what I am currently using and loving, and what I used before I went blonde.

                                Prior to coloring my hair blonde, I used many different shampoos and conditioners, and didn't really have many that I disliked at all.  I used Shea Moisture, TheraNeem Shampoo, Crème of Nature, Alba Botanicals, Fair Trade Organic Black Soap (both liquid and bar soap), a sampling of different organic shampoos/conditioners, and different oils to apply, such as Olive Oil, Castor Oil, and Coconut Oil.  I loved to mix a few different kinds together at once.  Many times due to the consistency of the traditional shampoos, I tended to water down my shampoos to decrease the level of build up on my locs.  I do have to say my staple is black soap in bar format.

                                Lightening my locs required me to add to this repertoire, so I picked up Redken All Soft Shampoo, and their corresponding Blonde Idol mask conditioners, as well as Matrix Biolage Shampoo.  I'm also using what I was asked to buy to prep my locs for the initial color treatment as well, which was Joico Moisture Recovery, and Redken Anti-Snap Leave-in Conditioner.  So far I am very pleased with the products and how it is maintaining my hair.  To keep my locs moisturized and fresh, I'll use my Natural Hair Mist every morning and evening.  My current favorites are Pursuit, Delight and Euphoria.  I also keep a bottle in my gym bag and purse to stay fresh and moisturized in this Texas heat. 

                                Photos above were taken directly after the initial color, prior to product application and twisting. Photos below were from a braid out, two weeks later.  Bottom two photos were after products were applied, palm-rolling roots, etc.  

                                 Till the next post, 



                                August 23, 2015